Saint-Petersburg - The Obvodny channel:
place of a meeting can't be changed

The Obvodny channel is definitely unique place in Petersburg.

Prima facie this is just a channel, not noteworthy at all, with customary troubled waters, which was placed almost at outskirts not long ago. None of the nearby buildings can be called architecture masterpiece, but that is not of any importance. The point is that this place has very ill fame for some people.

The Obvodny channel can be called a popular place for drowned-self-murderers . Its dark waters have taken hundreds human beings to spit them soon out.

In a certain article it's said that many centuries ago there was a pagan temple, a place for ritual practice and mass burials near present bus station. This became known in 1923, when workers met the slabs with scandinavian runes (they were strangely combined with Latin and Hebrew!).

Local leningrad authorities simply and unpretentiously decided to liquidate this burial and to make street borderstones out of slabs. And that was successfully realized for all-round public benefit. Afterwards this border was flaged along the Ligovsky avenue. By the way, in Soviet times gravestones from old cemeteries were widely used as material for street borders. So, not long time ago, when repairing Inzenernaya street there were names and epitaphs found on the borders. In a park near Kazansky cathedral, where there are a lot of interesting things in the ground (they say this will be sufficient for the whole museum), flags were also made of german tombstones with characteristic gothic type.

After the excavations near the Obvony channel, the number of drowned sharply increased (there is data - 89 men in 1923). People were attracted to dive in the channel like with a magnet. This is related in the first place to the part of channel, lying between Borovsky bridge and viaduct at the stinky Volcovka rivulet.

It is hardy believed that this part of the Obvodny channel lies under a terrible damnation, appearing through the darkness of centuries. Most likely the Obvodny channel was logically chosen as a traditional suicide place for Petersburg inhabitants, because of being relatively quiet and somber district.

Especially notable are the banks of Volkovka and nearby territories, which can serve as good decorations for filming some mystical movie...

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