In our memory…

Today is a special day. But it is special only for those who listens to black metal, appreciates this style and people who were and still are making it. Ten years ago a man who contributed significant mite in development of this stream did away with himself. Many old-school-black-metal listeners value that Mayhem, remaining in our memory with Dead's roars and smashing Euronimous' guitar. And that was exactly Pelle Ohlin who brought a real shock-zest in Mayhem live shows by inhaling corpse stench, wearing rotten rags and shredding himself with broken glass. He entered his name to this style's history for ever. We remember that unfeigned mood of his vocal parts, that peculiar spirit, staving off fools who separate idea & music from old-style Mayhem songs and make them closer to our hearts by that. And Dead, fallen into non-existence so long ago added one more grain of hate, misanthropy and antichristianity to this genre. So I say: "R.I.P Dead!" and I think people who share my opinion will join me: "R.I.P DEAD!!!"…

Dark Abbot,
As a token of remembrance and respect
to Pelle Ohlin.

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