In memory of Pelle Yngve Ohlin...

"People were so superstitious there", - remembers Hellhammer with smile. - "When we were coming into some shop, all these old ladies were running out of there screaming. In sunday school they told children our castle was bought by the Devil".
Mayhem didn't even try to make them change their mind. Dead On the stage their main vocalist, Dead, weared rags, specially buried to make them thoroughly rot through and gather worms and grave beetles. This was tall and very thin man with so white skin that it sometimes seemed to be pale blue. Even during the rehearsals this fellow contrived to wear so-called "corpse mask-robe", consisted only of black and white colours, being inspired with the idea of plague. Before the performance he takes a deep breath from plastic bag with dead crow lying in it. "He needs to feel the stench of death", - readily explains Hellhammer.
Dead, as it had to follow from his nick, became the first band's deadman in straight sense. In 1991 he commited suicide, having smashed his head out of shotgun. "I wasn't even surprised", - said Hellhammer. - "He was a strange guy, always jabbering something about carpathian castles and about his life being just a slumber". Hellhammer and Euronymous, band's guitarrist, found Dead lying on the floor, and he was dead just as the crow, whose smell he used to inhale. Walls and floor were frilly of his blood and brains. Euronymous didn't seem to be very anxious of it. In fact, according to Hellhammer, he gathered his friend's brain pieces, mixed them with ham, vegetables, paprika and cooked a ragout this way. He always said it would be nice to taste some flesh and considered Dead's suicide as wonderful way to realize this idea.

Faust: First time I saw Dead and Euronimous at Anthrax show in Oslo in 1991, and I was really impressed. Dead was almost as tall as me, but very very lean, his jacket was all dappled with different symbols and there was Mayhem logo on its back.
Hellhammer: Dead and Oystein (Euronimous) were contending and cursing more and more with time, it came even to Dead got angry and slightly thrusted a knife into Euronimous one day. I got tired to pull these geese apart and finally left that mansion where we all lived for my parents in Oslo. Euronimous was often on the move, so Dead remained alone for a long time and he was becoming more and more morose, taciturn and depressive. By the way, he was a striking example of a reserved man, neither Euronimous, nor me didn't even know his biography. We knew practically nothing about him except that his name was Pelle Ohlin, 18 year old and that he moved from Sweden, where he played in Morbid, to Norway to play in Mayhem.
Dead: Among all movies I love classic horrors most of all. I'd really like to watch somebody breathing his last or somebody's reaction to a real corpse. One my acquaintance working in the morgue told me pathologoanathoms needed several days to come back into right mental condition after the autopsy.
Hellhammer: Oystein told that Dead was humourless. Nothing of that kind! He had enough of humour, only it was all black. Dead also couldn't stand cats, just hated them. I lived with them and I remember how one night some cat didn't let us sleep. Dead grabbed a huge knife and rushed out of the house undressed to cut him down. The cat jumped into bushes, but when it got out of there, Dead dashed off after it snarling and brandishing with a knife. He was insane and cool showman. At that memorable show in 1990 Dead shattered a bottle and set about shredding himself, leaving deep scars on his body. He was bleeding profusely and darted to the first-aid station straight off the show. Also they together with Euronimous adored to impale cut off pigs' heads on stakes, taken from the nearest slaughter-house. Dead liked very much when meat was not fresh and gave out intolerable stink.
Some lovely day in 1992 Samoth and Ihsan from the legendary band Emperor came at Helvette (this means 'hell' in norwegian) - a Euronimous' shop. They started chattering about common acquaintances. Then they remembered Dead, talked about his madness and about lack of such showmen. Euronimous said a strange joke, that is not widely known. Euronimous: "Dead's skin was so white that he could use only black paint from the corpsepaint set and save on white. I offered this to him to save money for something else, but he only snarled darkly."
Hellhammer: That day I was at my parents' house in Oslo and I was going to return, when all of a sudden Oystein called and said that the police had sealed up the house and I was not able to go there.
"Why?" - I asked.
"Because Dead went home" - he answered.
"What, he left back for Sweden?" - I didn't understand.
"No, he just blew off half of his head out of my shotgun!" - he said darkly but with a fair amount of irony. (by the way, cartridges, having been loaded in that shotgun were presented to Euronimous by Varg Vikernes, therefore he is connected with two murders at once*) Dead & Euronymus
When Oystein came to Oslo, he found no keys in the hiding-place, so he decided to creep in the house through Dead's chamber. When he saw what had happened, he tore in the nearest shop at full speed to buy camera. Being back he shooted the corpse in every kind of perspectives and then called the police. (the result of Euronimous' manipulations with suicide implement is plainly visible on the photo: a knife is lying above the gun, according to sick Oystein's flavour, he wanted to make pictures even more bloody)
-What's happened to the photos?
-All this time we were keeping them, but when Euronimous was killed, his father found them and threw away.
-But you saw them?
-Yes, I took part in developing these photos. These were legible coloured photos. Dead reclined with gun on his knee. His brains were crept out of his head and were lying on the bed. Euro photographed from above, the skull, with all the details.
-Dead was sitting on the edge of the bed?
-Yes, that's right. He got Euronimous' gun. We always had a lot of weapons in the house...
-Before this happened, I thought of Dead commiting suicide for many times. He made open insinuations and was listening to anybody speaking about death with enthusiasm. I saw him some days before and he said he had bought a very sharp knife... (right with this span-new knife he dissected his veins before shooting in the head ) That night before committing suicide he chattered long with one our acquaintance near the house. They were speaking about death and suicide in particular. When Dead came home, he looked sprightly and cheerful as far as it was possible for his sullen physiognomy.
Oystein told fairy-tales that Dead died for ideals of true black metal. He boldly told lies! Dead died, because he hated this world and didn't want to live in it. He always thought his house was somewhere beyond this world, he told he had the same dream in which blood in his veins got frozen and he died. Mayhem were so broke, that sometimes we got not enough money for food. We were sitting with not a scrap in the mouth, and Dead with Oystein often grappled one with another because of some trifles. One day Euronimous put a tape with some electronic music which our vocalist hated, Dead got angry, took a pillow and went sleeping outdoors. In some minutes Oystein came out with the gun and began shooting at the birds. Dead completely got into a rage because of not letting him sleep and flung a cobble in Euronimous, which hit in his chest. about three weeks there stood out an apple-size bruise. When we were not busy with rehearsals, Dead either wrote letters or drew. He went nowhere because of being swede and completely alien in Norway.
Faust: Oystein confessed he didn't kill Dead, whatever fans grumble. But he said that there was no need to reject this idea, let people think this way, this only adds popularity to Mayhem. But this is simply true that he found some pieces of Dead's brain, made some slop and ate it...

*- Our comments shown in italics

The Freezing Moon, written by DEAD

Everything here is so cold
Everything here is so dark
I remember it as from a dream
In the corner of this time

Diabolic Shapes float by
Out from the dark
I remember it was here I died
By following the freezing moon

It's night again, night you beautiful
I please my hunger on living humans
Night of hunger, follow it's call
Follow the freezing moon

Darkness is growing, the eternity opens
The cemetary lights up again
As in ancient times
Fallen souls, die behind my steps
by following the freezing moon

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