d r e a m s    o f    k a t a t o n i a

     I think you have alresdy partly become aquainted to the site and maybe you like it, if not - that's twice greater. Because real disharmony stinks with pus and carrion. Here, in Dreams Of Katatonia section you'll find defferent pictures, created both by me (Dark Abbot) and by George Dysangelist. The purpose of this section is to reflect our visual perception of music, bands, single individuals and some other aspects of life. If you have to send something of this kind, we will readily hang out your works in the gallery along with others (if we consider them suitable). If somebody wants to say something about defects, incompleteness or just wants to bring up some new ideas, email me or George. You may leave a message in a guestbook as well. Well, that's all for the present time. Wish you misanthropic-depressive thoughts after viewing. Farewell...
Dark Abbot

gallery I
(Dark Abbot, George Dysangelist)
gallery II
(Dark Abbot, George Dysangelist)
gallery III
(Dark Abbot, George Dysangelist, Crever)
gallery IV
(Dark Abbot, riiia, Lur, George Dysangelist)
gallery V
(Dark Abbot, Elenris, Bereavement)
gallery VI
(Absorbed in Filosofem)
gallery VII
(1415926535 - 5779458151)
gallery VII

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