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initiation-ordaining... maybe it sounds high-flown, but who knows, how far it can go. Now you are here. Passing the homepage with all our (involuntary) curtseys for sponsors, friends and servants, you find yourself in our posession. There is no place for motley animations and multicoloured letters, the last banner is floated away with main entrance.

What is gloom? So many names in different languages reflecting the same: לנאך, dunkelheit, tenebres, burzum... This is basically a collective image, and it would be silly to reckon, that immersion in gloom is achieved due to black background, although it is hard to do without it.

A walk in the night all alone doesn't favour strengthening of impressionable nervous system, but it helps to understand much, and to feel even greater. A dull day worsens the state of aggravated, sensitive organism, but it helps to realize many things and make a significant decision. Which one? This deals life... The answer may be: "yes" or "no".

We appeal to the visitors to leave this site. We are not searching for popularity, let stay only those who are really interested in it. For all the rest it will be most likely boring.

Why Katatonia? As it always happens there are two sides: inner and outer. The outer side is trivial and not worth mentioning, the inner is given purely by music, and whatever we name it, it stays deeply atmospheric and wakens those feelings in listener which are used to be called 'negative'. We proceed from the assumption that you have already got an idea of Katatonia, otherwise during familiarization with site, there may arise a lot of questions, which we can't and don't want to answer.

We can't say definitely what is our site about, it is only evident that there is nothing superfluous, outside. If you turn up your description for Katatonia Syndrome - write to us about it.

Finally, we don't want to conceive of our visitors being some hypothetical audience we are addressing ourselves to through the warm monitor glass. This means we personify you.

So, open your browser window wider, we've got something for you: a darkness coming...