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04/01:    Another addition as gallery - conceptual art inspired by Finnish cosmic-archaic drone ambient project "Suuri Shamaani" - evolution of ideas used in preceding "Absorbed in Filosofem" | And I won't be verbose: Farewell!

30/09:    New gallery - visual performance of Burzum's CD "Filosofem" | Forum and Guesbook are available again | Lyrics for "LFDGD" and "Teargas" EP are added in Albums section

16/04:    10 years passed after Dead's suicide. Visit Dead tribute page and revere his memory

18/03:    English version first appeared in the net.

20/01:    Katatonia new album page is opened on Syndrome. You can download a sample of a new song - Teargas (mp3 format)

15/01:    A new Dark Abbot's story, containing plenty of explicit lyrics on "depression page" | There're also renewals of links & gallery

01/01:    Happy New Year. Let your dreams come true. Katatonia will play in UK, Belgium and the Netherlands in the network of Peacefest.

"Last Fair Deal Gone Down" is finally mixed. There will be 11 compositions performed on the album:
1. Dispossession
2. Chrome
3. We Must Bury You
4. Teargas
5. I Transpire
6. Tonight's Music
7. Clean Today
8. The Future of Speech
9. Passing Bird
10. Sweet Nurse
11. Don't Tell a Soul

07/11:    Two tracks that haven't been published earlier - "No Devotion" and "Fractured" will be added on the new reissue of "Tonight's Decision" | A certain Daniel Liljekvist will be in the role of drummer on the new album. He is 23 and he has already played with Katatonia at Milwaukee metalfest | The new album will be called "Last Fair Deal Gone Down"

07/10:    Here's the fall | Limited edition of "Jhva Elohim Meth" on blue vinyl discs is gone on sale. Forty of them to be released through the official homepage are almost sold out

26/09:    Having got all the means of subsistence the site is near to death as never before. Maybe the idea has exhausted itself | Katatonia also stands motionless, but they are probably preparing for the decisive jump | Nothing is known about so called Kompedium compilation, judging by Anders' verbose statements, the matter is in Century Media

23/08:    new site location: http://katatonia.musica.mustdie.ru

04/08:    Today I was in a bad mood the whole day. I was listening to "Discouraged Ones" and has made a new menu design

03/08:    At last, I've added a new story, written at night, look in depression section | It is said in reviews of Katatonia show that as the curtain fell, Renkse performed an old hit "Endtime" in traditional manner of growling. Very unexpectedly

18/07:    New Katatonia album release is postponed till late autumn because of permanent breaks on account of technical reasons | You may see Katatonia live at Milwaukee Metalfest. Besides them, there will also be Anathema (look these news at musica.mustdie) | Chat "Depressive Monologue" is now linked up to the site. This is not a step aside popularity in no circumstances, who has enough of scepticism, understands it will be empty most of time | Soon I'll publish a new story by me (George)

06/05:    A new story by Dark Abbot "A Laughing Beggar" - in best traditions of the black mysticism. Recommended! | People from Century Media inform that Kompedium compilation, being prepared for issuing will contain Katatonia first demo, previously unreleased tracks and some very rare song Nyström dug somewhere. He says this song is called "Swathed In Autumn" and was written in time of "Dance of December Souls", but it was rejected for some reasons. The compilation is promised to be released this year | Untiring Anders has already blabbed out all the details of the new full-length album to some local newspaper. He stated Katatonia was now similar to metallic The Cure, they also don't forget about oldguy Jeff Buckley, let his memory lives on. "We'll take all the best from BMD & TD, mix with Jeff Buckley of 20-years maturing, add some light atmospheric tracks and beat all this mix with drummachine" - this is a recipe of the new album from Anders' words. He held back lowly about when fans will be able to taste this unusual dish

22/04:    Anders Nyström's birthday | Official opening of the site "Katatonia Syndrome". Formerly it was available only for the narrow circle of emotional-metal fans. We hope now this circle will widen, but not very much. Waiting for thinking persons to the address: katatonia.narod.ru

15/04:    Official news inform that Katatonia enters the studio to record new album. Such news appeared last year for the first time. Now I imagine all this like in slowed-down movie: the musicians enter the precincts of Sunlight Studio, the door opens and they stand on the threshold, looking round leisurely, Renkse makes first step, the rest behind him, and so on. Hope this slowness will be a deserving sacrifice in the name of the new album. And one more thing - I can't understand strange band's flame to this studio. If garage sound of "Discouraged Ones" was a positive moment, it is fishily in case of "Sounds of Decay" and "Tonight's Decision"

31/03:    A new subsection - Dreams of Katatonia - picture gallery | Guestbook linked up

18/03:    A page is made, dedicated to ex-vocalist of cult band Mayhem - Dead. You are welcome

17/03:    Hooray, Dark Abbot appeared online! We work on the site with doubled forces, depression section is particularly widen

07/03:    Almost all sections are ready | Famous Terrorizer magazine says that after their readers poll, "Tonight's Decision" is considered to be the third among the best releases of 1999. "Brave Murder Day" was chosen as one of the best releases in nineties. The band Katatonia took 12th place in the list of best bands of 1999. And again "Tonight's Decision" - it took 2nd place in voting for the best cover design in 1999.

20/02:    Creation of news section | The work on the site is 20% complete | The band is preparing for the recording of the new album with all its might - soon they'll sit in the studio | There is a rumour that Tori Amos is going to be at law with Katatonia, blaming them for mean plagiarism. One of the opuses of this perfomer sounds allegedly in unison with Katatonia song... "Right Into The Bliss"

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