s a m p l e s

Song samples are presented in order of decreasing novelty. All files are recorded in format MPEG1-Layer3 (128kbps) and require mp3-player, which you have of course.
Samples from "Tonight's Decision":
1.  For my demons (1.95mb)
2.  I am nothing (1.75mb)
8.  Strained (1.48mb)
9.  A darkness coming (1.44mb)
Sample from "Discouraged Ones":
1. I Break (1.4mb)
Sample from "Saw you Drown":
3. Quiet world (3.5mb)
Sample from "Brave Murder Day":
6. Endtime (1.6mb)
Sample from "For Funerals to Come":
1. Funeral wedding (2mb)
Sample from "Dance of December Souls":
2. In silence enshrined (1.7mb)
Sample from "Jhva Elhom Meth... the Revival":
3. Palace of frost (1.8mb)
All songs () Katatonia and different labels. All files are located directly at The Katatonia Shrine site - don't ask me questions about download problems.

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