March 4


why have you put so many things into my eyes
that i can't see clear
who's paid you for telling me what i'm worth
and run in fear
it has been for me a strain to see already
what have you done
the rising noise
the sharpened smells
the deadened sight

what is it in my eyes
a piece of broken glass
is this the time i should be on my knees for you
is this your way of telling
another has been found
now i know
it's teargas in my eyes


i'm drawing back time
to feel things once again
as when i had found them

i saw you grow older
saw myself grow older too
but not as much as you
if i only knew

i had sulfur in my heart
but not enough strenght to give it a spark
i didn't know when to start
when we were bright or when we were dark
i had a wind in my chest
blew as hard as it ever could
i could have written books for you
if i only knew

i held my head down i know
and you walked around in circles
i'm sure you already knew
if i only knew it too

so much i want to ask you
you have no time to let me do so
there is no light in my pathway
you must tell me where to go

March 4

left with spring alone
i withdraw from this
i lived so differently
it wasn't good enough

i was with you alone
winter was gone

things once blurred are twice sharpened
when i think of what i could have
blood has left me even before you
can never return a second time

i lived so differently
did it all for it
but everything is now
a film on rewind